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The Star, XVII in the Major Arcana. The Star represents hope, faith, renewal, healing, wishes granted, and soul purpose. It comes after the destruction of The Tower (XVI) with a sense of warmth and purpose rising from the ashes. Symbolizing Aquarius, The Star encourages you to embrace the new era of optimism, strong magic, generosity, freedom, and expansion. You are on the right path and aligned with your soul's greatest purpose. 


The illustration shows a brown-skin race-unspecified transmasc person with a star head. They're nude, but their genitalia is covered by a bush the same bright yellow as their head and the hair in their armpits. Their star head has 8 points, referring back to the eighth card of the Major Arcana, Strength, representing the strength, power, and courage they gained on their journey. Their magic allows them to pour two floating bowls of water from their left (the subconscious) and their right (the conscious.) The water from one bowl pours onto the earth to continue nourishing its land. 7 stars surround their head, representing the chakras. They have one foot in the water, showing their strong connection to their intuition, and the other foot on land, showing their practicality. They have a tattoo on their leg of the holy ibis of thought, signifying Thoth, the Ancient Egyptian god of wisdom and reason. They also have a tattoo on their solar plexus chakra of the symbol for Aquarius.

The Star Print

  •  8x10 inch Glossy Photo Print. Square prints are printed with a border on 8x10 paper.


    50x61 inch Polyester Tapestry. 57x57 inch Polyester Tapestry for square prints.


    Print Care: Hold prints by edges to avoid fingerprints. Use a microfiber cloth to clean off any fingerprints or dust.


    Tapestry Care: Cold gentle machine wash, line dry. Do not bleach.

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